Gamification and engagement Development of Computational Thinkin and the implications in mathematical learning

18 de agosto de 2020


The development of Computational Thinking has been pointed out by experts as fundamental in the lives of human beings. This article deals with the application of a game-based didactic sequence based on the fundamentals of Computer Science in a class of primary school children, to promote engagement in the development of mathematical activities and analyze the impact of the development of logical and algorithmic reasoning in the solution of mathematical problems in the classroom. The didactic sequence considered the cognitive development of the children as well as the personal evolution during the process. Preliminary results indicate that the didactic sequence had a positive impact on student learning, showing a rate of learning evolution of 18% in the test group and 5% in the control group.

Referência Bibliográfica

Pires, F., Lima, F. M. M., Melo, R., Bernardo, J. R. S., & de Freitas, R. (2019, July). Gamification and Engagement: Development of Computational Thinking and the Implications in Mathematical Learning. In 2019 IEEE 19th International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT) (Vol. 2161, pp. 362-366). IEEE.